Volunteering Opportunities

Interested in mentoring? Guest speaking? Helping out? We'd love to work with you.

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Academy & Community Support

The success of our program relies on our relationship with the technical teams from local companies. Here are some specific ways you can help.

Academy Programs

Become a guest speaker

Passionate about git workflow? Want to practice a conference talk? Dying to share your experience with modernizing legacy mainframe services? We'd love to include you in our weekly speaker series.

Every week we bring in a guest speaker from industry to talk about their area of expertise. The goal of the speaker series is to expose our students to as much industry technology and real world team process as possible.

Topics can range from beginner to advanced. We strive to have a healthy mix of software and non-software topics. Examples include: technology or language deep dives, project management, user experience, the engineering process, customer success, or even talking about all of the layers of your company's technology stack.

Become a mentor

Mentors can help in a variety of ways. As a mentor, you can meet with students on your schedule. Your responsibilities could be as simple as giving a tour of your company's facilities to helping guide them during their group project work.

Employer survey & curriculum feedback

Our curriculum is kept up to date based on the latest industry trends relating to our technology stack. We do want to know what technologies you work with, and what you're considering for the future. But there's so much more than just the technology itself.

We want to understand your company's engineering process, your source control workflow, what tools you use for testing and automation, how you manage database migrations, deployment operations, and what your build system looks like. The more informed we are about the tools and trade of our local industry, the better we can train our students to hit the ground running as early as possible at their first job after graduation.


Tech ecosystem support

Part of our mission is to cultivate a strong tech ecosystem in our region by hosting events like hackathons, workshops, and meetups. Maybe you're interested in being a hackathon judge? Or even hosting a hackathon or helping out with one of our community partner workshops? Maybe you just need a place to host your monthly robotics enthusiasts meetup? If it's related to the technology ecosystem, we'd like to help make it happen.

Hosting a workshop

If you have domain expertise in a specific technology area, we can host your workshop. Let's work together to bring as many ideas to North Dakota as possible.

Workshop referrals

If you have an idea for a workshop or know of an excellent workshop teacher that may be interested in coming to Fargo to put on an event, we are very interested in helping make that happen.

Student project referrals

Every cohort works on real world projects from the community. Our favorite projects come from other non-profits, but any tangible community project is fair game. We need your help to identify project partners. If you have experience with scoping project requirements and want to help, even better!

If any of these ideas sound like something you're interested in helping with, we'd love to hear from you! Shoot us an email and let's get to work.