We're on a mission to connect the technology community through professional development and learning opportunities.
Join us December 13th - 19th.

This year, we are setting out to spark curiosity in the tech community with the creation of Curiosity Week. From December 13th - 19th, there will be 30+ events revolving around technology. These events will be curated to engage those interested in pursuing tech as a career, provide professional development to technology professionals, and give tech entrepreneurs a place to convene. We believe that at the core, growth is sparked by curiosity - so let’s start there.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, tickets are now FREE (previously $129). You will still need to register on Sched for the individual events that you are interested (see below).

Events will be continually updated and added as we approach curiosity week so please check back often.

What to Expect.

Curiosity Week is a week-long affair filled with events that focus on building up our technology community in our region. This week provides digital events ranging from keynotes, workshops, courses and more.

These events will focus on professional development and learning opportunities for those who are tech professionals, as well as training for folks new to the industry or those just curious about a career in the tech profession.

Events + Registration

Join us for keynotes, workshops, courses and more. Events and sessions will be hosted throughout the Fargo-Moorhead area and will be made available to you digitally. This allows you to safely explore all Curiosity Week has to offer.

Events will cover a wide variety of formats including tech talks, presentations, workshops, and courses. Topics and content could revolve around the following technologies: UX/UI, React Native, React, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Testing, GIS/Mapping, Bootstrap, Material UI/Chakra, Python, PHP / Laravel, VueJS, Data Science / Visualization, Generative Art, along with other topics.

You can attend one event or all of them depending on your interest and skill level. There will be a variety of free events for our community to learn from Intro to HTML/CSS and career development courses. All events require registration via Sched.

If you would like to continue to support events like Curiosity Week, you can use the Pay-It-Forward ticket on Eventbrite. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, when you choose to Pay-It-Forward you give us the ability to continue to put resources behind community events for entrepreneurs, tech professionals, community builders and more.

These events are created for a wide variety of people including students, curious minds, technology professionals and more. There are events for all skill levels.


For those new to the tech industry and want to learn more about what’s possible with technology. Find events that introduce you to the industry and what’s possible with a career in technology.


For those who have some experience in software development and technology, there are events and workshops that allow you to build upon your skills.


For those experienced in the field and are looking for ways to keep growing, these events, workshops and courses are geared towards skill development.

Media Kit.

Even if you don’t participate an event, you can still support the tech industry across our region. Consider sharing about Curiosity Week on your social media, in a newsletter or with a friend. Feel free to use the copy and graphics from our media kit below!

Interested in hosting an event, teaching a course or speaking?

If you’re interested in hosting an event, teaching a course, or speaking at an event during Curiosity Week, let us know! We’re looking for individuals, businesses and community organizations that are interested in bringing education and impact to the technology community. Email Liz at admissions@emergingprairie.com for more information.

Why participate in Curiosity Week?

By participating in a Curiosity Week event, you will have the opportunity to create a truly unique experience rooted in the power of curiosity, education and community. Events throughout the week are organized by community members, organizations, businesses and the Founding Partners.

Sponsors and Partners.

We couldn’t put this event on with out the support of our partners. Huge thanks to everyone who has given to make these events happen.

If interested, you can support financially to help cover the digital software, reimbursement for hosts and workshop leaders and supporting the tech community. Contact us!