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Our next cohort starts in 105 days.

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Learn how to build software for the modern web.

It's no secret that software engineering is one of the fastest growing fields in tech today. Over the past decade, the need for web-connected software has exploded in both popularity and usefulness as billions of devices have connected to the web. From the banking industry to agriculture, the world needs skilled software developers who can tackle business problems with the tools that power the modern web. At Emerging Digital Academy, that's exactly what we prepare our students to do.

North Dakota Needs Software Developers. With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, is estimated that there are currently over 800 unfilled software developer positions in the state with another 2000 jobs projected to be created in the next decade. There simply are not enough skilled software developers to fill these positions today.

Working directly with North Dakota employers and community partners, Emerging Digital Academy has created a student-focused classroom experience that is helping upgrade the workforce and address the growing demand for software development talent in our region.

Upcoming Cohorts

At our Fargo, ND campus

Our next class starts in 105 days. The deadline to apply is February 28 2022.

Deadline Online Classroom
February 28 March 21 May 02 - August 01 2022
June 27 July 18 August 29 - November 28 2022
Each cohort is capped at 14 students.
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About our full stack program

Emerging Digital Academy’s Full Stack Engineering program is an immersive 20-week course that teaches not just the concepts of coding and software design, but how to use cutting edge software tools to build modern web apps. No prior software development experience is required.

The term 'full stack' refers to a developer who can write code for both the frontend client browser and the backend server. The full stack mindset is one of the most sought after skillsets of the modern software engineer because it involves a holistic approach to understanding the multitude of layers in a modern web-based software system.

Our program is unique in that the first six weeks are online with a 15-25 hour/week commitment. The remaining 14 weeks are full time on-site in our classroom in Fargo with a commitment of up to 60 hours/week.

Students will also learn other important skills such as: public speaking, teamwork, collaborative programming, the engineering process, written communication, interview practice and career help. The curriculum is licensed from our partner Prime Digital Academy in Minneapolis, which keeps us up to date and relevant with the leading technologies in the job market today.

What sets us apart?

Industry Feedback

We work directly with North Dakota employers to ensure our curriculum is cutting-edge, industry relevant, and updated quarterly. Our 20 week program features technical presentations from industry professionals, public presentations, mock interviews, resume help, and an on-site career day with local employers who are hiring.

Student Centric Classroom

Small classes, one-on-one support with your experienced instructors, collaborative group learning, and an immersive in-classroom environment are just part of what sets us apart. No coding experience? No problem. The initial foundations session teaches everything you need to know to prepare for the classroom.

Tech Skills and More

We teach students how to build web apps from the ground up. But learning to code is just the beginning. Students learn about databases, source control, backend servers, frontend frameworks, task prioritization, and public speaking. Major portfolio pieces include a solo project and a real world team built client project.

Events & Workshops

Open House

Are you interested in learning more about Emerging Digital Academy? Please consider joining us at one of our lunch or evening informational sessions. We'll talk about the program, the admissions process, and answer any questions you may have. These events are completely free and casual, with no obligation or expectations.

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Workshops & Talks

We host a variety of workshops and technical talks for all skill levels, ranging from our "Learn HTML and CSS" workshop to more advanced topics on JavaScript, software engineering, and web development in general.

Our introduction to HTML/CSS workshop is offered monthly starting in June 2020. Please check our Facebook page for additional information.

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About EDA

Emerging Digital Academy was created to address the growing demand for skilled software developers in North Dakota. Our flagship program is Full Stack Engineering, a 20 week technical training program that teaches students cutting-edge programming skills and emulates the on-the-job training environment that an entry level developer would receive during the first few months after joining a technical team at a real company. Our long term goal is to incorporate additional technical programs to help upscale the North Dakota workforce.

Our mission is to serve three primary areas: our student, our community, and our state.
  • Our primary customer is our student. We serve our students by offering a world-class curriculum driven by employers in industry and taught by experienced instructors who are committed to their success. Our students do not simply learn JavaScript. We teach them how to learn new technologies so that they can keep their skills relevant as technology changes. We seek to enrich the lives of our students by equipping them with the tools needed to nuture a growth mindset and continue their path towards career development and life long learning.
  • We serve our community by hosting free events and workshops, along with professional training programs with industry experts. Our goal is to create a diverse technical community in our region that can attract, support, and elevate the skills and creativity of our fellow citizens.
  • We support our state's economic development by utilizing the financial and educational resources made possible by the citizens of North Dakota to unlock new career tracks and earning potential of our students. The industry of tomorrow needs workers who can adapt to the ever changing landscape of technology. Our goal is to provide a pipeline of talented technologists to take on complex industry challenges that may not even exist yet.